GREMTUBE® G61 3X is a flexible, high shrink ratio, flame retardant, irradiated polyolefin heat shrink tubing.
GREMTUBE® G61 3X offers excellent insulation properties and meets the most stringent industrial, military and railway requirements. It covers a wide range of diameters, allowing reduced inventory. It fits snugly on tight bents.
GREMTUBE® G61 3X is suitable for electrical cable insulation, strain relief and cable bundling.
It is widely used for joints when UL rating is required.


-55 °C to +135 °C
Ratio 3:1
Recovery temp. +90 °C
UL 224
Railway approved EN 45545-2 R22-R23
Polyolefin heat shrink tubing
Thin Wall Tubing

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